Car/phone Whyhouse Part 1

Posted: September 30, 2008 in random
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Well, it’s been a while! But the obscure ridiculous titles are back. The worst thing about my absence is that anyone who checks on my blog every now and then will have been given the impression that the only event in my life worth blogging about over the past few months has been my eldest son peeing on my youngest son.

Anyway after a long period of absence from the blogosphere I pledge to publish at least 2 posts in the next 2 weeks (this one included). This task will be made easier by the fact that I have recently acquired an iphone 3G which immediately gives me endless nerdy material about all the cool stuff I can now do with my phone which I am sure will change my life in ways I can not even begin to imagine…

But back to the intended topic for discussion for this post: ‘part 1’. Basically, new cars….why?

I was pleased to acquire a new vehicle over the summer. The change was probably overdue and was most welcomed by my good wife who regarded my previous mode of transport (an Audi TT) as the embodiment of my (early) mid life crisis. Thankfully this ‘reckless’ period of my life appears to be over and my Volkswagen Passat at less than half the horse (& probably pulling (not that this concerns me 🙂 )) power is a more appropriate and a little less flashy family car.

My ‘new’ car is in fact just over 3 years old, it is an ex-lease hire vehicle and has been fully serviced, and being in good all round condition (& a diesel Volkswagen) should drive well for the next 100,000 miles at least. The price? Just over £4000.

Which leaves me with the question: ‘Why do people buy new cars?’

I genuinely don’t get it. Is it just to enjoy the ‘newness’ and if so is it a price worth paying? A new VW passat of similar spec to mine would cost well over £15k. I cannot imagine that spending an extra £11K on my car would result in any significantly increased satisfaction or other benefits. Maybe it’s a desire for hassle free motoring in terms of maintenance etc. Again £11K would go along way in maintenance bills and modern cars are generally so reliable anyway.

So please enlighten me because it seems to me that if you buy new cars you must have money to burn!

Having said that, if you are in the habit of buying cars new from the showroom, it is important that you continue to do so. A high demand for new cars means there will always be plenty of second hand cars which in turn keeps the market value of used cars low for stingy gits like me.

The downside of this however is that sadly I have as yet been unable to sell my TT. So if you know anyone who might be interested let me know (late 2000 Audi TT 225bhp, denim blue, full leather, 80k miles, FSH, all usual TT extras, excellent condition. First to see will buy! £7000)



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