Car/phone Whyhouse – Part 2

Posted: October 14, 2008 in random

So now you’ve decided to save yourself some money by buying only used cars, you’ll need something else to spend that money on. May I suggest an iphone…

Having got myself one a few weeks ago, I’ve found myself asking the question: ‘Why does everyone not have one of these?’

The iphone 3G really must be the best gadget ever. It’s probably not the best phone in the world but it’s by far my favourite toy. Here’s my list of top things I can do with my phone:

1. I can use it like a satnav to pin point my position and it will give me directions anywhere I want to go. If I had any friends I could also see where they are at any point in time.

2. Using the GPS system I can use the free app ‘trailguru’ to record distance covered and speed etc in the unlikely event of me going for a run or a hike.

3. I can check the weather for the coming week in any major city in the world (amazingly including Coleraine!)

4. I can find out the name of any song playing on the radio or anywhere within earshot of the iphone using the free app ‘Shazam’. Then I can download it from itunes if I want. (This really is amazing – It hasn’t got it wrong yet!)

5. Using yet another free app ‘Movies’. I can check all the latest films on release, watch a trailer, read a review, then with a push of a button (and the phone determining my position by GPS) get the local cinema times, along with a map of how to get there.

6. I can surf the net at a surprisingly fast speed and unlike e.g. a blackberry can view the web page as you would on a normal PC. Phone numbers are automatically highlighted on web pages and dialled just by touching the number.

7. I can quickly check the latest figures from the stock market with lovely graphs which show me how much money my shares ISA has lost in the past month.

8. The accelerometer is a particularly cool feature. It’s basically an internal gyroscope which senses the phones position. It’s a bit like a Wii controller and there are loads of games which use it. I can practice my golf swing, go bowling, use the phone as a spirit level and my favourite; use it as a lightsaber. I would also recommend Crash Bandicoot Nitrokart which is a racing game where you steer by tilting the phone from side to side -it’s genius!

So there you have it. Conclusive evidence that the iphone will change your life and that yes I really am a nerd.

Ok, so none of the things I’ve mentioned are actually things you need in your life or from a phone.

But I still think everyone should have one! Let me know if you get one and maybe we could meet up to have lightsaber fights….  🙂

  1. meinmysmallcorner says:

    “If I had any friends I could also see where they are at any point in time.”

    If you had any… heh heh heh…

  2. small corner:
    I know where you live! (even without using my iPhone!)

    (posted using my iPhone) 😉

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