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I think I saw the best piece of reality TV ever. I’ve never watched ‘I’m a celebrity…’ before but have found myself hooked by the current series. Tonight David Van Day endured his 2nd bushtucker trial: The ‘Hell-o phone’.

The following piece of film is perhaps so entertaining for the following reasons:

1. David Van Day is perhaps one of the worst ‘known’ celebrities ever on the show.

2. He appears to have absolutely no insight to ‘1.’ or to the fact that he is a complete and utter twat.

3. He has absolutely no shame in blatently using the show to mastermind his career come back including writing his ‘bif baf bof, we’re celebrities’ song, his plan for him and Timmy Mallet to have their own show and his West End Musical ‘Rock Bottom’. 

4. He totally lost it during this trial.

David to win!!!