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Maybe it’s the recession and retailers are having to try all the harder to make us part with our well earned cash. Maybe it’s just the inevitable trend of a religious celebration turned commercial. Or maybe I’ve just never noticed it before…. but Easter has seemed different this year:

Easter eggs for a mere £1.

Easter cards.

Easter ‘party food’.

I even saw a clothes shop selling Easter dresses. I mean, what the flip?!! (Ok, so some of the dresses were quite nice…)

Thankfully Easter has seemed different to me for another reason. Thanks in part to Van Peebles most inspiring sermon in church on Sunday which was pure poetry in places and included a version of SM Lockridge’s amazing address, I have gained a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of Jesus, his death and resurrection.

Maybe the retailer’s have it right after all – because as I’ve discovered afresh¬† – He’s definitely worth celebrating!

He’s my King. Do you know him?

Happy Easter.